When creating a new client ID and secret it is necessary to list which scopes should be granted to those credentials. In addition, when requesting an access token using a client ID and secret, the list of scopes can be further reduced as compared to the list of scopes of the credentials. It is not possible for an access token to obtain a scope that has not been granted to the client ID and secret.

List of currently supported scopes

payable:readAllows read-only access to payables
payable-attachment:readAllows retrieving documentary evidence (attachments) of payables
settlement:readAllows read-only access to settlements
bank-fee:readAllows read-only access to bank fees
wallet-load:readAllows read-only access to wallet loads
wallet-summary:readAllows retrieving the summary of the wallet (balances)
user:readAllows retrieving company users (members)
supplier:readAllows retrieving the list of suppliers
cost-center:readAllows read-only access to cost centers
expense-category:readAllows read-only access to expense categories
analytical-field:readAllows retrieving analytical fields and values