πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Spendesk API documentation, here you'll find helpful guides on how to integrate with us, our API specifications, and details on changes to our APIs.

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Requesting API access

If you're a customer or partner looking to get access:

Use cases

For now, we are focused on unlocking the value of Spend Data. You can pull spend into whatever analytics platform you need and combine it with your other data to create dashboards, automate accounting, or drive insights.

Getting started

For those looking for a technical guide, the best place to start is our quickstart guide, which will guide you through the process of using our API with a practical code example.

If you're just wanting to explore our API References, a good start is the token endpoint (for simple authorization) and the payables snapshot endpoint for our spend data flow.

Alternatively, check out our public postman collection if you're familiar with using that to explore an API.

Finally, if you want to just download our OpenAPI spec, use this link.

Our standards & policies

We follow an API-first mindset and value good API design principles. If you're curious what this means for how our API behaves, check out our policies on authentication, versioning, error handing and more.


We are working closely with all onboarded API consumers. If you need help or want to discuss any API topics please send a message to our mailing list.