Breaking changes to v0 - Feb 19, 2024


Breaking changes in v0 - Feb 19, 2024

In the next days we will introduce a couple of breaking changes to our v0 APIs:

  • Authentication: we will decommission an orphaned expense-account:read scope which means your existing connections requesting this scope will need to be re-established (without requesting this scope). Remember to always request the minimum scopes required for your application!
  • Suppliers: we will add more address details on the /suppliers endpoint turning a simple property (address) into a complex object.

In addition, we’d like to announce that the synchronous /payables endpoint is now deprecated and will be going away by the end of March. Instead, use its asynchronous version Create a snapshot of payables. Don’t hesitate to provide your feedback on the new endpoint to us!

The Spendesk API team.