Announcing General Availability of the Spendesk APIs


We are happy to release the first stable version of the Spendesk API with a long term support commitment!

Check out the Introduction section for more details on requesting access and the use cases supported by Spendesk APIs.

Here is the list of notable changes compared to v0:

  • The synchronous endpoint to retrieve payables has been removed in favor of the asynchronous one Create a snapshot of payables
  • The range to retrieve payables by payableDate is now limited to 31 days, so the time between fromPayableDate and toPayableDate should not exceed 31 days.
  • The maximum page size across all endpoints is now 30.

Please note that v0 endpoints will no longer be functional as of Apr 29th, 2024. This is a call to action to update your integrations with the new path.