Frequently asked questions

Why do I get payables without my default account codes?

Some accounting settings in Spendesk allow you to configure your accounting exports (purchase journal and bank journal) - e.g. default accounts payable and payment account codes. Snapshots of payables do not incorporate this information, since they only return the current state of payables, without marrying them against your current accounting configuration. You will need to enrich payable data with static account codes.

Why isn't my payable updated in the snapshot?

Snapshots of payables are cached for 12 hours. Requesting a new snapshot with exactly the same parameters does not generate a new snapshot - an existing one is returned until the original snapshot expires. Try changing your request parameters so that a new snapshot is generated.

How can I get payables submitted recently with a payable date in the past?

Requesting payables for a given accounting period (fromPayableDate/toPayableDate) can miss some payables that are submitted with an earlier payable date. There are two ways to detect them:

  • Either request payables that have not been exported to accounting yet (bookkeepingStatus=created&bookkeepingStatus=prepared) while sorting them in chronological order (sortBy=payableDate&sortOrder=asc). Payables whose payableDate is before the beginning of your accounting period will be listed first.
  • Or use the createdFrom/createdTo filter in order to retrieve all payables created between two dates.